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What is Stitch and it’s classification?

English: The basic chainstitch.

English: The basic chainstitch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stitch is a loop or a strong hold of thread for a greater security of a particular object. There may be minimum one thread or more than one thread to form a stitch. Most common elements for stitching is Needle.

In past, there was single long fabric to use it as cloth for defending them from nature’s cruelty. When they get used of it, come’s the variations. We call it style. To give this variation a shape, comes stitch and its classification. For making a garment, many stitches is needed. Different stitch is used on different purpose. But the goal is same to make the garments more comfortable and reliable. We can classify stitch in three ways. They are-

In chain stitch, there are four division. They are-

  • Single Thread Chain Stitch
  •  Multi-Thread Chain Stitch
  •  Over Edge or Over Lock Chain Stitch
  •  Top and Bottom Covering Chain Stitch

At below we will see a graphical image which is showing the classification with class number.

Next Blog will be on Hand Stitch and Lock Stitch. How we can figure out that, it is a lock or hand stitch? Their classification, application and identity. Please make comments if you like it or you have any suggestion to make this post better.